Company profile

Focus on glass energy-saving ,service for high-end customer


Qingdao Rocky Technical Glass Co.,Ltd ,is located in lingang road huangdao district ,qingdao city ,was established in 2006 . In march ,2015 was listed on the small and medium-sized enterprise equity trading systems that short for “Rocky Technical” and the stock No. 832125

Management philosophy


Focus on glass enery-saving , innovate high quality life

Respect  happy excellence
Core business

Producing enviromental protection and envery-saving glass , designing and maufacturing enegy-saving glass doors and windows , our products have three series.

Energy-saving building glass such as tempered glass ,laminated glass ,insulated glass and so on. Advantage products are double silver insulated glass ,double silver lamianted insulated glass, doulbe silver vacuum insulated glass, LOW-E coloured ceramic insulated glass etc and these glass are combined with energy-saving frames systems that used in passive house and enviromental protection high –end building glass of windows and doors.

Green industry glass , which mainly involved in the two lines of rail transit and cold-chain electrical applicances. Our products was widely used in Qingdao subway, CSR Qingdao sifang vehicle co., LTD., Qingdao haier, Qingdao aucma, Qingdao HaiRong appliances, XXX company in Russia.

Energy-saving windows and doors . On 2014 our company established the windows and doors worship that enlarge the industry chain of the energy-saving glass and can provide the customers with more complete proucts servie and solutions.The new workshop produce two kinds of glass windows and doors. One is used in refrigeration equipment, the other is applied for energy saving building.

Equipment ablity

Our company imported core processing equipment, can produce tempered glass 1.2 million square meters, 250000 square meters of laminated glass, hollow glass of 500000 square meters. The door plant can yearly produce 400000 sets of household appliances.

Technology  leve

Company pays more attention to technology research and development and new product development, and have some achievment in energy saving and safety control of glass and our products get the user high praise at home and abroad. Our company has specialized laboratories, is supporting research and development center and we have already declared two invention patents, more than ten utility model patents (six has got the certificate).

Management system

Our Company is focus on making strict and efficient management system, ensure the quality and efficiency, strengthen the management consciousness, adherence to the quality of customer commitment and delivery commitments and passed the ISO9001 certification, CCC certification, European CE certification, certification of Israel, and so on.