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“Rocky technical” allowed to login the new third board "

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Stock No. 832125   stock short name : Rocky technical
      On February 11, the stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises agreed to Qingdao Rocky technical glass co., ltd . listed in shares transfer system, our company become the first one company in the glass deep processing industry that allowed to log in the new third board. 
      National small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system (commonly known as the "new third board") is approved by the state council established a national securities exchange, the stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises co., ltd. for the operation management institution. Management tenet is: adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and perfect the market function, strengthen the market service, maintain the market order, promoting market innovation, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors and other market participation main body, promote the healthy development of the outside stock market, promote private investment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, effective service the real economy. Business scope: arrange non-listed public of a corporation represented by shares transfer and for non-listed joint-stock company related businesses to provide services such as financing, mergers and acquisitions; For market participants to provide information, technical services and training.
      New third board to be listed company has strict requirements, Rocky shares in April 2014 to start new third board listed business, after 10 months of efforts, finally approved. Listed on the new third board that will make a series of  positive effect on  the company's governance structure, financing modes, produce a series of positive impact on brand reputation, etc.

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