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Our company products first time won the bid of the passive house project.Sino-German eco-park German business center curtain wall chose Rock Technical glass

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      Qingdao first government-led passive houses - Sino-German eco-park project "German business center" curtain wall glass that will be produced by us. Last week, as the first deposit come into the account,  Rocky technical engineering project department colleagues took a deep breath and we really become first passive housecurtain wall glass supplier in Qingdao.
      Passive House originated from Germany in 1991 that is not affected by region, climate and represents a healthy, comfortable, low energy consumption way of life, and construction standards. In the past more than 20 years development course,  it as a kind of low energy consumption and high comfort of architectural form, favoured by the world government, investors and users. Passive houses access to China not for a long time and the buildingl practice time is shorter.  In 2013 the project - "another side of the river”  was completed in qinhuangdao that is the first passive house project in China. With Chinese society pay more and more attention to the environmental governance and controlling  of energy consumption, the passive house concept rapidly accept by the local governments and people .
      Sino- German eco-park is a cooperatation project of the govermant between China and German and is also the passive house agglomeration zone mainly cultivated by our Chinese ministry of building department."German business center" is the showing project in the part of the  passive building design, and application of technology, construction, material, meanwhile the design and material selected  by German experts. Rocky technical engineering department face with the strong competitors, calmly cope with ,center on the characteristics of the Saint-Gobain high transparence doulb silver Low- E glass and pur forward triple glass and double cavities glass providing thoughts , and invite the relative parties to the scene to view and emulate, together discuss the products plans and make the samples for testing. Finally , after the testing of the relative aspects ,our sample is compleletely in accordance with the requiments of the passive house, appearance color soft, bright and easy, cost-effective, and successfully won the bid. According to introducing,the Sino- German eco-park is planning 500000 squre meters of passive house that will make construct in the coming years.

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