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Rocky group company annual meeting successful held

Number of visits: Date:3/19/2015 01:56:06 PM

      On 15, January ,Rocky glass group . 2014 annual meeting was successfully held at Qingdao Golden beach Hilton hotel .
      Our board Mr. Weijie concluded the developing course of 2014.All the staff unite as one to skip over the waves, actively explore, bold innovation, successfully realized the combination of product economy and capital economy, the combination of glass material and the doors and Windows products, the combination of  energy-saving building and high-end industry, ushered the new development opportunity.
     In the annual meeting rewared ten excellent staffs of Songkui, Wangyuling, Zhanghui, Wangmin, Fengjin, Zhangyan, Zhangjian ,Wangke,Jieweili,Tanhui and the three advanced group of Industrial glass development team  , the new third board listing working group,Qingdao Rocky Industry Co.,Ltd 
      After the party, the staffs performed a colorful artistic performances, dance, solo, poetry readings, spun, comedy, games, etc.,showed the employees' positive attitude and a wealth of talent ,won the applause on-site guests and employees.

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