• Product: Tangning International plaza in qingdao development zone
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       Building energy-saving glass ,which are used in doors and windows and curtain walls of high-grade hotles,office buildings,libraries,museums,apartments ,hospitals,schools etc.,require energy-saving ,saftey and beautiful.
       Our company has two kinds of energy-saving glass that are LOW-E insulated glass and compound LOW-E insluated glass .
       LOW-E hollow glass are used of the first-line brand glass from France Saint Gobain and China Southern Glass ect., and the international famous brand auxiliary materials.According to the project site latitude,climate conditions and the surrounding environment,we design the best configoration plan for the customers.
       Compound LOW –E glass are character designed for the key projects with special requiments of energy –saving or safety . There are double silver LOW-E thiple compound insulated glass (tempered or semi tempered ), double silver LOW-E vacuum compound insuated glass ect.that used in the projects of German center of Sino-German Ecopark ,HYATT Hotel in Sri Lanka, TOPONOD OY in Finland and so on. The using of the compound LOW-E insulated glass played an important role in the success of energy-saving and safety design requirments.